SURMAC – Antivibration supports

The dampening of vibrations and noises generated by operating machines is an important aspect in the improvement of production and working environment quality.

Dampening products prevent operating machines from transferring vibrations to the working environment and to other sensitive equipment.

The SURMAC anti-vibration pads:

  • ensure simple and quick adjustment of the level of the machine that needs support (machine tools, presses, power hammers, shears, plastic and rubber injection moulding machines, etc.)
  • also isolates vibrations in an effective manner.

The SURMAC anti-vibration feet are structured so as to support heavy axial loads (between 350 and over 6000 kg) as well as longitudinal loads effectively.

The SURMAC anti-vibration feet have a cylindrical shape with no metal parts visible, these being completely coated with rubber.


As a consequence they can be used to substitute stainless steel supports that serve similar functions (and are usually more expensive) in several industrial sectors.

Among others, sectors include:

  • food processing
  • refrigeration
  • pharmaceutical
  • air conditioning
  • air treatment
  • maritime

The Surmac mounts are produced with a blend of high quality natural rubber. Currently in stock: 60 Shore A hardness.

DAB – Rubber Antivibration System to dampen industrial vibrations and sound

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