Anti-vibration cylindrical rubber buffers

The cylindrical rubber antivibration mounts are the most requested technical items and for which DAB has specialized over the years to offer a wide range of sizes available in the catalog. Each piece is produced with high quality materials and with a technique that guarantees durability and reliability.

  • Antivibranti cilindrici in gomma DAB

E-TYPE: Cylindrical anti-vibration male-male buffer

EI-TYPE: Cylindrical anti-vibration male – female buffer

TIPO EI antivibrante cilindrico maschio femmina

I -TYPE: Cylindrical anti-vibration female – female buffer

TIPO I antivibrante cilindrico femmina femmina

PM-TYPE: Cylindrical anti-vibration foot-male buffer

TIPO PM: antivibrante cilindrico piede maschio

PF-TYPE: Cylindrical anti-vibration foot-female buffer

TIPO PF: antivibrante cilindrico piede femmina

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