Anti-Vibration rubber collars

DAB’s anti-vibration collars are structured to be particularly suitable to isolate bolts or other through connectors from active and passive vibrations.

The rubber part is vulcanised between a flat disk and a collar disk, both made of steel.

One of the tasks of these two metal parts is to secure the bolt centering and to avoid any contact between the bolt and the part to isolate, (machine feet for example).

The space between the bolt and the parts to isolate secure the cut from vibrations, shocks and noises.

The anti-vibration collars generally complete an isolation system put into place with anti-vibration appropriated to the application: their function is to isolate bolts or other connectors that could improperly act like a “bridge” for the vibration waves.

Collars can be used singly or in pairs (counterposed or prestressed) for strains, even composite.

Elastomero standard: natural rubber (NR), 45°-55° ShA
Metal: zinc-plated steel
Individual payloads: 10-400 Kg

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