Sucon: bell shaped anti vibration mount with square based threaded nut

The elastic supports of the SUCON type are anti-vibration mounts of general purpose. Correctly used they dampen vibrations and noises. Produced in various sizes, with a rubber hardness of 45-60 Shore.

The SUCON feet are low-maintenance anti-vibration mounts and have a long service life thanks to the particular truncated cone shape of the metal reinforcements that, under the vertical and transversal forces of the operating machines, stress rubber by compression and shear/bending at the same time.

Typical applications of the SUCON mounts: any kind of motors, power units, machine tools, excenter presses, pumps, power transformers etc.

They are furthermore suitable for any application that requires a good transversal flexibility, as they withstand frequencies between 8 and 12 Hz.

The inner steel parts are zinc-plated.

DAB | Antivibration systems and supports in rubber and metal

SUCON: let’s get to know them better

SUCON bell antivibration mounts are rubber / metal elements designed for a wide range of uses, in relation to vibrational stresses and admissible loads.
The metal parts are solidly vulcanized with rubber and the elements are compact, not bulky and of universal use.
The upper metal bell that connects to the machine to be insulated can be with or without thread (SUCON WITH NUT / WITHOUT NUT), while the lower counter bell, which connects to the system support surface, extends with an OVAL or SQUARE flange.
There is also an ANTI-TEAR version of these plinths: the upper bell is extended inside and ends with a safety flange; the latter prevents vertical jolts of greater amplitude than the tolerable limits for the safety of the anti-vibration mount and the suspended system as a whole. The effectiveness of these anti-tear safety shoes is particularly evident in the suspension of diesel or ventilation units, internal combustion engines in general and pumps and in all those cases in which the suspended mass can jump for any reason.
The rubber is protected from any oil dripping and the action of atmospheric agents, to the advantage of the durability of the elements.

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