Flanged anti-vibration mounts for heavy loads

DAB’s flanged anti-vibration mounts are composed of one or more elastomer layers put between flat and parallel metal structures.

They are designed to support heavy loads under compression.

Their mechanical properties may vary and they are mainly determined by the elastomer hardness and by the number of metal plates inserted.

The rates of stress under compression vary from 20 to 100 bars.

Thanks to their shape, they are very easy to assemble and to replace in case of need.

The aim of these mounts gives them the following main properties:

  • Limited thickness
  • Large supporting surface
  • Possibility of superimposing several supports
  • Movements in all directions of the whole suspended equipment
  • High ratio between axial and radial stiffness
  • Heavy axial load


  • Road rollers
  • Vibrating compactors
  • Heavy machinery
  • Containers
  • Moulding presses
  • Deepwater drilling platforms (off-shore drilling)

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